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About Darkness Springs

Darkness Springs is a single player online role playing game which can be played directly in the browser. No need to download endless installer packages, no need to install the game on your pc. You characters and your progress is stored on your local computer, in a Flash cookie, so you don't even have to create an account and log into the website.

Darkness Springs is free to play. Previously, it was possible to get a premium account, but since April 2013, the game now is completely free.


  • Can be played directly in the browser, nothing to install. (Reported to work on PC, Mac and Linux)
  • More than 100 maps in the default realm - dungeons, forests, villages, cities, secret caves and others
  • More than 2000 items, including magic and unique ones
  • 8 trainable skills, 4 trainable attributes
  • 30 magic spells
  • Lots of enemy types
  • Non-linear gamplay: The player is free to explore the whole world on his own.
  • More than 40 quests to solve (in the main realm alone)


Darkness has fallen upon the lands of Enthpia, and the members of the guild of Tolsor have evoked an adventurer to find the reason for the sudden darkness. The player is playing this adventurer, and together with the mage of Traor, he tries to find a solution to the problems caused by the darkness in Enthpia, such as the appearance of wargs, goblins and even scarier monsters.

The story of Darkness Springs is devided in big chapters (three of them).

System Requirements

  • A fast computer, with at least 1 GB of memory and a 2 Ghz CPU.
  • An active internet connection and a web browser with the Adobe Flash 9 player installed.


Darkness Springs uses Ambiera's isometric rendering engine for Adobe Flash to display its graphics. The engine supports displaying of (nearly) endless sized maps and instances of them at fast frame rates. It also provides the possibility to light these maps using infinite dynamic and static lights, to create the atmospheric locations Darkness Springs needs for its gameplay.

Darkness Springs is a registered trademark of Ambiera e.U. Terms and Conditions Privacy statement Imprint © 2008-2010 Ambiera e.U.
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